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As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for new and different ways to collaborate and promote ourselves. For the most part, this is a good thing. A lot of the times, it’s about trial and error –throwing that pasta to the wall and seeing what sticks. However sometimes we tend to spread ourselves too thin by saying yes to almost anything and everything.

Opportunities come and go and when you've come across a potential one, it's important to go through these points before coming to a final decision.

By Karen Swyszcz, Consultant and Blog Coach at MakintheBacon. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram: makinthebacon1.

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A 2015 study by “Smart Insight” indicated that 80% of internet users use smartphones. One important 2016 business trend is the increase in use for mobile apps in business.  Is your business ready to reach out to mobile users? Do you, as a business owner, realize the importance of reaching out to mobile app audience?

3 Ways To Reach Mobile Users

  1. Get a customized mobile app
  2. Business directory apps
  3. Content

The later two ways are more cost effective and doable for small businesses to reach mobile users.  There are plenty of apps that provide local directory listings.  Find the app that is wide spread in your area and subscribe to get your business listed there.

(For a Greater Toronto business listing I would recommend to download and subscribe to OSBN mobile app “Business Directory”: iphone: http://apple.co/1LC8X6Z  Android:  http://bit.ly/1OHOy7t)

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN

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As a result of years of technological advancements came social media networks. And with social media came extensive opportunities for small businesses to promote their products and services.  Content is key when sharing on social media and videos are an effective business tool that is in great demand in 2016. 

3 advantages for using videos as an advertising tool

  1. To stand out
  2. Clarity
  3. Innovative Marketing

experts predict that in 2017 videos will take up to 69% of consumer online traffic. Is your business ready for that?

By Grace Nasralla, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN

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Have you ever thought carefully about what to tweet? Does your facebook account meet its monthly goals? Do you just accept anybody that sends you an invite on LinkedIn?Questions that may not have crossed your mind, but… Yes, before we go on social media we need to strategize.

Here are 3effective methods for using social media:

1. Audience
2. Message
3. Results

Do you have a marketing strategy that resonate your business identity? If not, then maybe its time for you to create one.

By Grace Nasralla, Founder of OSBN - Ontario, Canada small business owners may join OSBN business community by signing up at www.osbn.ca

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