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Have you ever thought carefully about what to tweet? Does your facebook account meet its monthly goals? Do you just accept anybody that sends you an invite on LinkedIn?Questions that may not have crossed your mind, but… Yes, before we go on social media we need to strategize.

Here are 3effective methods for using social media:

1. Audience
2. Message
3. Results

Do you have a marketing strategy that resonate your business identity? If not, then maybe its time for you to create one.

By Grace Nasralla, Founder of OSBN - Ontario, Canada small business owners may join OSBN business community by signing up at www.osbn.ca

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There are lots to learn from Apple’s core value that says “People with passion can change the world”.  Apple’s Steve Jobs believed that to do great work one should LOVE what they do. Could that be the secret for entrepreneurial success?

Here are 3Reasons For Developing Passion For Your Business

  1. Be The Driving Force
  2. Be Contagious
  3. Be Successful
To achieve success in your business you need to revive that passion for the initial vision you had started with and make it obvious to others around you.

By Grace Nasralla, Founder of OSBN - Ontario, Canada small business owners may join OSBN business community by signing up at www.osbn.ca

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Before following a checklist or guidelines to start a business there are some prerequisites that will determine your readiness to start it.

Here are three prerequisites for starting a business.

  1. The Idea
  2. Target Market
  3. Target Audience
Finding these 3 prerequisites is an indicator that you are ready to start your business and grow it into a successful enterprise.

By Grace NasrallaOSBN Founder - Ontario, Canada small business owners may join OSBN at www.osbn.ca

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Small businessowners testify to the fact that most of their sales is usually done by peopletelling people either about the product or service they have bought or aboutthe sales experience they have had.  Itis these connections that refer people to a small business. But what if abusiness does not have a wide network of connections?  

Here arethree reasons for joining a professional business network:

  1. ToLearn best practices
  2. ToBuild a Network Of Connections
  3. To Stay Motivated
(Small business owners may join OSBN and claim their business profile at www.osbn.ca)

By Grace Nasralla, Owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and Founder of OSBN
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Every business require skill sets of some kind to make it successful.  However, there is a common skill set that is needed among all business industries to increase productivity and enhance efficiency in the day to day work transactions of a small business. These skill sets can be acquired and learned, and that is Office skills.

Here are 3reasons that cause a business to upgrade their Office skills

  1. The need to stay ahead of their competitors
  2. The satisfaction of watching their business grow
  3. Recognition that knowledge is power
By Grace Nasralla, Microsoft Certified Trainer, owner of e-presence Consultants Inc and founder of OSBN

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